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Friday, 25 March 2011

Xtreme yoga

  I was pretty excited about doing this photoshoot...... the more i thought about it the more ideas i got and the more excited I became. I had recently bought pocket wizards, they are little (expensive) devices that allow you to use off camera flash. When your flash comes off your camera a whole bunch of new and exciting doors are opened..... i was pumped to give these things a try. I asked my friend toni to be my model and she was in. Had she known what she was in for I don't know if she would have so eagerly agreed.  We wern't in the easiest places to do yoga, but toni was amazing, standing in freezing creek water in poses that are not easy, posing on logs and stumps, wearing minimal clothing in not so warm conditions. She was a trooper, and honestly if it wasn't for her easy going attitude and mad yoga skills these shots would not look as nice as they do.


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