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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New school tricks with old school cameras

           I am currently taken a course at school called creative explorations. The name pretty much explains it. We do things to exercise and expand the creative capabilities of our brains. We do things like make cameras out of soap boxes, make images that are created on things like scanners, we use alternative processes, we "enhance" our negitives (also known as killing your babies). I really like this class. Some times it makes my brain feel frustrated like a hamster on a wheel, working hard and getting nowhere. But then you get this feeling when you get an idea that is like your brains equalivent to having a awesome run/surf or whatever you are into. I recently aquired a bag of old cameras from a sweet old man I met at the Comox Mall. My creative explorations class inspired me to use the cameras. Everything on these are manual. In the pitch black, the film has to be taken off it's original spool and then reloaded onto the camera's specific metal spool. There is nothing electric, no batteries, just a hole with things that open and close, a beam of light and some light sensitive paper. Simple. T he results are cool. The effects are pretty great, the gain on the film, and the slight blur from the years of film gathered on the lens. There is something to be said about film, its so great that we try, but don't really succeed at trying to recreate these looks with our digital cameras. Here are some of my experiments. 

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