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Monday, 28 March 2011

Mystery Lady

   A while ago my boyfriends parents bought an old house in Kaslo. The house came with some stories, and the previous owners left some old stuff that was in the basement behind. Someone had an interest in photography because there was a lot of old dark room equipment, old paper, chemical trays, chemicals and even an enlarger. Niels and Anne gave all the old stuff to me, most of it is beyond its years but is still really neat to have around. The enlarger is the most special though, the thing is massive. My boyfriend plunked the think in the middle of our living room and I didn't know what it was. it looks really retro and it weighs a ton. The coolest part is though that their was a negative in the slide! This photo had been sitting, abandoned   for for about 40 years, then it randomly ends up in our house in cumberland to be brought to life again. I took the negative to school and scanned it, sent it to niels and anne and they are currently trying to track down who this mystery lady with the impressive curls is.


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