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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Fall into Yoga

Yoga and Photography.....Two things that I love. Lucky for me, the two go together just like peas and carrots. The poses are so expressive, and complimentary to the shapes in nature, finding these connections for shoots is what I love so much about about yoga photography. The creative combinations between poses and environment are endless, keeping me inspired to do more. Here are some shots of April Woods an amazing instructor here in Tofino, she teaches at Costal Bliss Yoga. Check out one of her classes, your body will thank you.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Two Bellies are Better Then One!

     I recently had the pleasure of photographing Mariah, Tasha and little Isaac. Mariah and Tasha are sisters and they are both the same amount pregnant. It was a beautiful day and we shot at some fun locations, we hopped some fences played in streams and wondered through corn fields........ Thanks for being so adventurous ladies, I appreciate it:) Best of luck to you both in this new and exciting time!