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Thursday, 24 March 2011

This blog may make you hungary

       A couple months ago in our advertising class we were lucky enough to visit chef Cathy Jerritt at the Tria Culinary School, here in the Comox Valley. All day long we photographed her delicious creations she created for us. There were a few tricks we learned that really gives the food the ability to make your mouth water when you see it in pictures. The ironic thing is that the things that make it look delicious on film, are things that you wouldn't or couldn't eat. It was tough to be looking at all this food that looks so tasty but knowing that you couldn't eat it was tortourous. The tempatation, was too much for Jamie to handle and he ate the carppaccio canapes, he said that he couldn't taste the windex and it was delicious....but no canape pictures for me. Our efforts were rewarded at the end of the day, and cathy cooked us all crepes filled with spinach, bacon, fresh mushrooms and the most delicious sauce. Yep, it was a tough day at school. Cathy you rock!

The chocolates in this picture are the creation on the lovely Jan of Darkside Chocolates, in Cumberland. Her chocolates are amazing, go eat them, they will make you happy.

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