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Friday, 29 July 2011

Downtown bike adventure

Yesterday my mom and I spontaneously became tourists in our own city. We were downtown Vancouver and she said "next time we come down we gotta bring our bike and bike around the city." As I am not in the city too often and we don't get too many chances to be there together I responded " why don't we just rent bikes now?" And so we did just that. We we gone for about 5 hours and wow, there is no better way to get around the city,  you slow down and see things you wouldn't cause you are too focused on trying not to crash your car or hitting the millions of pedestrians while navigating the hectic city. When you drive you don't get to do things like stop at whatever sunny patio for a cold refreshing beer and delicious snacks, or closely observe the goings on of the crazy city life, and you don't get collide with your mom and crash your bike in front of busy Science world. It was a pretty magical day..... Thanks Momma

It makes me really happy that buildings like this still exist in the city. Some how they manage to escape the growth and modernization of the city, I know that they won't be there for too much longer, as they just don't really fit in anymore. This one was hidden under the Granville St. bridge.

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