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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hot Springs Cove

I have a good friend who is the teacher/principle in the small remote community of Hot Springs Cove (population 50ish) Sometimes I feel like remote is a bit of an understatement, she is a hour and a half boat ride from Tofino in mostly exposed ocean, and as the winter storms are approaching leaving Hot Springs and getting to town is going to be more challenging. Her class consists of about eight kids aged from kindergarten to grade seven, the school that she teaches in is a brand new, breathtakingly beautiful facility that the whole community gets to take advantage of. Three friends and I went up and visited Car for a while, helped with gym classes and, rowed row boats to the springs and had them to ourselves, and generally enjoyed the beauty and quite solace of where we were. I can't wait to go back, as it is a special place with a really amazing community. Here a a few from the last visit........stay tuned for a upcoming project:)

                                            En route to the springs........
                                            Dang, the livin' sure is good.

 One of our sweet chariots that safely transported us to and from the springs, took us doing quite a few 360's but we mastered the crossing by the end. 

 The old gym, not really used too much any more since the school was built.

 We were walking through the community one day and came across an elder heading to his smoke house, he graciously invited us in and proudly showed us his delicious smoked delicacies. 
                                                      West Coast Living. 

           I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. 
 Mr. B gave us a dog to take to the springs as it was evening when we went over..... i sure was glad for it when we were walking through the forest at dusk. Thanks for looking out for us Mr. B

                                                       Peek-a-boo morning.

                                           Halloween at the school.........

                      Heading home.......

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  1. Awesome pics Kar! Love the ones of the kids dressed up!